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Gene Wilder Saved My Life
(Woman Tells All)

yes it be true he did he really did swear to god things be pretty bad you know the heart be pumping tears and there be no stopping it any of it at all the work be too rock hard what I got to show for any of it and no stopping but keep going can't look over the shoulder of know they be taking it all away whatever it be I want it all to stop or did but now maybe just to be and why can't I have it all anyway you know about Gene Wilder who be the love of the life 16 time I see Silver Streak sit through 12 hour Gene Wilder marathon and no getting up to pee even every single Gene Wilder movie ever made I see at least 5 time except the Saturday Game which I miss on TV and never found the rerun I just can't stand it no more I say I want out of this mess no man who want me hell I be no dummy and maybe I be not pretty but don't crack no mirrors and where be the money this got to stop got to sleep got to sleep so I don't wake up and Gene Wilder maybe he be just a dream like this nightmare place be twisted in my heart no more pain forever no more this be it and even though I promise in my heart to go tomorrow the first show the first day Gene Wilder The World's Greatest Lover my heart say no more I took the whole thing I know what you be thinking but I just be so tired I took the whole thing and there be no puking even though I don't drink normal and there be that whole bottle gin too it be thick in the ear fall down a lot I can't stop run some more it buzz and heart heart heart just sleep please forever I say when eyes open not well I see blur and spin the legs not work so good pissed as hell that it not work and there be no more pills left in the goddam bottle and not only that I miss the first show the first day Gene Wilder The World's Greatest Lover what the hell nothing else doing anyway maybe he forgive it only be the third show so I call Danya say Gene Wilder at 4 p.m. OK she say we take the bus with no lines anywhere not even on my face this be a joke except I look like shit and I be standing in line at the movies Danya be holding me up I not stand so good you know I hear a voice would you let me step in front of you miss I'd like to see the audience eyes focus on blue shirt shoes eyes and my heart stop right there oh god it be him oh god I cry fall down weep at the enormity of everything quiet I love you Mr. Wilder I love you oh god you save my life I cry alone if I be dead I never see you the world's greatest lover I never understand we all must hold tight above all unchain heart.

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