A candle is made to become entirely flame.


Remember the time we split as an atom?
The Great Orange ball of flame

engulfed our notebooks, our laptops,
our blogs. We forgot they were incendiary

objects, the tools by which we string
blockchains of thunder together.

If speech can free us,
we must let our mouths burn.



Janette Schafer

Janette Schafer is a poet, playwright, and opera singer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a 2017 Maenad Fellowship winner in creative writing through Chatham University. She was a 2015 Arts MODE Fellowship awardee in playwriting through New Sun Rising LLC, the resulting theatrical work northeastsouthwest winning the 2016 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. Upcoming and recent publications include: Red Eft Review, Eyedrum Periodically, The Woman Inc., Zany Zygote Review, and Chatham University broadsides.


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