Selections from "Symphony No. 12"

(formation of the labyrinth)



October’s well

grows deep

and frigid

from outside this doorway

the fog does not disperse

passing from one


to another

“they speak of Plato

of perfection

of corporeal states

of transcendental awareness”

of vertical glass panes

after a rain has fallen

and the wind that cuts

(the flesh)

like a steel edge

or the way an afternoon light

can retain its insignificance

after the grey rain

leaves the platform

where landscapes

unearth eccentricities

ghosts of platonic forms

coalescing within

the eye’s domain

as in the parlance

of the unconscious acolytes

whose corrosive  soot

lingers in quantum hemispheres

hidden from physical sight

yet perpetuating

a visceral presence

barely perceptible

in these framed environs

of malleable autonomies

fused to airy cognitive




Ric Carfagna

Ric Carfagna was born and educated in Boston Massachusetts. He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, most recently Symphonies Nos. 5 & 9 published by White Sky Books. His poetry has evolved from the early radical experiments of his first two books, Confluential Trajectories and Porchcat Nadir, to the unsettling existential mosaics of his multi-book project Notes On NonExistence.

Ric lives in rural central Massachusetts with his wife, cellist Mary Carfagna and daughters, Emilia and Aria.


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