Selections from "Symphony No. 12"

(formation of the labyrinth)



A wind

over the graves


of the intangible


in a corner garden

where someone

   has planted orchids

      a spray of roses and dahlias

        and marsh grass near the edge

          of an ocean’s shore…

and it is not improbable

that this is

not observed

that this exists

as another world

of quantum engines

droning deep

beneath a terrestrial rind

of steel structures embedded

in the intermittently pulsing

blood through iron and stone

through doors that are locked

to the sleeping eye’s embrace

to the crest and trough

of a wave

in the median stretch

between nadir and zenith

a presence

that eludes detection

estrangement and death

in a consciousness of loss

across ontological hemispheres



Ric Carfagna

Ric Carfagna was born and educated in Boston Massachusetts. He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, most recently Symphonies Nos. 5 & 9 published by White Sky Books. His poetry has evolved from the early radical experiments of his first two books, Confluential Trajectories and Porchcat Nadir, to the unsettling existential mosaics of his multi-book project Notes On NonExistence.

Ric lives in rural central Massachusetts with his wife, cellist Mary Carfagna and daughters, Emilia and Aria.


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